Author: BBC

Zimbabwe arrests 40,000 people for ‘violating lockdown’

Two journalists who’d been interviewing alleged victims of state torture are among the 40,000 people.

Zimbabwe accused of using lockdown to silence reporters

Two Zimbabwean journalists who’d been charged with violating lockdown regulations have now been freed on.

Zimbabwe minister sacked over abduction slur

Zimbabwe’s deputy information minister has been fired, hours after dismissing the abduction of a female.

President Donald Trump says WHO ignored racism against Africans in China

United States President Donald Trump has criticised the World Health Organization (WHO) for not responding.

Africa HIV deaths ‘could rise by 500,000’ amid pandemic : WHO

More than half a million people in Africa could die between now and next year.

Coronavirus could kill 190,000 in Africa ‘in one year’

As many as 190,000 people across Africa could die in the first year of the.

More prisoners freed in Zimbabwe coronavirus amnesty

Zimbabwe has granted clemency to more prisoners, broadening the conditions for release in the wake.

Ghana plans 90 new hospitals in wake of pandemic

Ghana’s President Nana Akufo-Addo has announced plans to construct more than 90 hospitals to beef.

World Health Organization (WHO) launches plan to fast-track vaccine

World leaders have launched a World Health Organization (WHO) initiative to speed up the research,.

The European Union blasts Mozambique’s ‘rigged’ election

The European Union has described as “astonishing” the extent of vote-rigging in last October’s elections.