Author: Brilliant Pongo

Dr. Brilliant Pongo is media expert and educator. A seasoned journalist and author in his own right he brings a bundle of professionalism to Report Focus.

Rainbow Entertainment and Promotion; Hosts Popular gospel singer Dr Tumi

It is no secret Dr Tumi is the hottest in gospel music in all of Southern Africa right now.

President Mnangagwa and Zanu PF must not humiliate war veterans

President Mnangagwa and Zanu PF must not humiliate our liberation war veterans. There’s no denying.

Zimbabwean artisanal miners take the law into their own hands

The vexed question of what role the public should play in fighting crime is again.

Mnangagwa and Chamisa must stop using kids as political props

I know there’s an old adage that says candidates need to “shake hands and kiss.

Tougher UK Deportation Laws; Illegal Migrants and Offenders in Trepidation

Many Zimbabweans who have lived as undocumented individuals now live-in trepidation as immigration rules tighten and the enforcement of deportations to Zimbabwe is now open.

Zimbabwean Deportees jump from building in a bid to stop removal

hours before the chartered flight to Zimbabwe, was due to take off, two detainees due to board the controversial flight threw themselves from the second floor of the building.

Zimbabweans with Criminals Convictions Targeted in UK deportation move.

Foreign criminals who abuse our hospitality should be in no doubt of our determination to deport them.

Sad scenes of looting and carnage continue in South Africa; over 70 dead

Almost anything and everything that can be stolen or looted was stolen and looted.

South Africa unrest; death toll rises, more arrested

Over the past few days and nights, there have been acts of public violence of a kind rarely seen in the history of our democracy

Culture of violence; can Cyril Ramaphosa cure South Africa?

Seeking to suppress the use of violence in South Africa through the threat of direct violence by the state, such as deploying the army to combat the pro-Zuma (so-called-free-Zuma protestors), is not the solution.