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Zimbabwean Authorities Block Opposition’s planned ‘Hope of The Nation’ address

The ‘Hope of The Nation’ address which was scheduled to be delivered by Nelson Chamisa.

The Mnangagwa administration’s move to dethrone chief Ndiweni may backfire

THE Mnangagwa administration which is facing it’s own issues of legitimacy moved to dethrone Chief.

Prophet Sheltons Says it’s time show that scriptures are relevant to today’s youth

The young energetic Zimbabwean based Christian leader of Spirit Revival Encounter Church, Prophet Sheltons took.

Gospel Legend Magacha Says “He is Back”

The Zimbabwean based Gospel legend Sabastian Magacha released his first video since his last hit.

Apostle Chiwengwa finding comfort in attacking other preachers

He is described by some as a fiery character, some say he is opinionated and.

Fake prophets, fake miracle healing

A “healing miracle ” turned out to be fake, as it turns out a woman’s.

Are politicians in Zimbabwe the source of the nation’s agony?

Zimbabwean politicians are the source of the nation’s agony. Much can be achieved if the.

No Peter No Work; Doctors in Zimbabwe continue strike

The stand off between the government of Zimbabwe and doctors continues as many lives remain.

Reconciliation; What Can Zimbabwe Learn From Rwanda?

Grief can lead to creativity positive or negative. Indeed, reconciliation is key in genuine healing..

Procrastination and hesitation are robbing you of opportunities

I was recently in Zimbabwe a land that some in the diaspora think is void.