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Dr. Brilliant Pongo is media expert and educator. A seasoned journalist and author in his own right he brings a bundle of professionalism to Report Focus.

Zimbabwe Netball team progresses to second round of the World Cup

The Zimbabwean netball team continues to make history at the World Cup. The debutants who.

Zimbabwe’s netball team lost but they stretched World Champions Australia

The Zimbabwean netball team may have lost to the current world champions but they stretched.

Uebert Angel focusing on teaching nothing but the word of God

I have what some may term a love hate relationship with Prophet Uebert Angel many.

Out going Algerian president Abdelaziz Bouteflika apologises to his people

For most African presidents, the process of apologizing after high-profile missteps can seem to take.

Caution Must be excised as fraudsters take advantage of cyclone Idai

In the wake of tropical cyclone Idai many Zimbabweans have taken to social media to.

Meet Marshal Chiza the author and motivational speaker making an impact

He is known as ‘the billionaire himself’ Marshal Chiza is indeed making an impact and.

Bulawayo’s Derelict Industrial buildings now taken over by churches

Many industrial buildings and shops in Bulawayo have now been converted into churches. The difficult.

What Economic lessons can Zimbabwe draw from Ruwanda and Ethiopia
What Economic lessons can Zimbabwe draw from Ruwanda and Ethiopia

I marvelled at the economic and industrial developments achieved by Ethiopia and Ruwanda in particular.

Meet the man behind the keep Bulawayo Clean Campaign

Tonderai Shoko is what some may regard as an urban legend. Indeed his bid to.

Slam Poetry and Protest Poetry still going strong in Zimbabwe

I spent my Thursday evening in Bulawayo at Let’s Go Natural Restaurant where some greatly.