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Exposed, forced to confess or sincerely sorry; What’s the deal Shingi Munyeza?

Yesterday Shingi Munyeza shared a statement that many have taken as an apology or confession.

Zimbabwe’s opposition parties at fault for Zanu PF dominance

ZANU PF is such a dominating, larger-than-life political party that for the last couple of.

The Books we Know as the Holy Book

Bible is often considered a single, cohesive, work, it is actually an anthology of ancient.

Ravi Zacharias
Ravi Zacharias Sexually abused women

The Christian world is rocked once again by news that the late Ravi Zacharias sexually.

Fake Prophet in Vaal, cooked up HIV test kits

The under-fire-leader of New Life church who has faced much criticism for faking miracles and.

Independent Zimbabwe; not yet Uhuru

1980 we freed our nation from colonial rule, Hard won independence from minority rule, Celebrations.

Choked By Corruption Zimbabwe Can’t Breathe

Get your knee off the neck of Zimbabwe, Mr corruption the country can’t breathe. We.

If Zimbabwe could speak!

I am a country like no other I am Great Zimbabwe with a heart that.

The anger in society is palpable; let’s champion peaceful protests

In the past couple of days I have observed with fascination and interest the way.

Social Media has changed the way events and news are reported

Two weeks ago perhaps only a few people knew who George Floyd, was. But today.