Author: Jason Kohl

I was born in Norwich, Connecticut in 1997. I've lived in Waterford, Connecticut my whole life. Growing up, I also loved learning about the history of mankind, the power that politicians can possess, and how that impacts us internationally, nationally, and state wise. I try to be as partisan as possible, I consider myself to be a Moderate.

China respects President Mugabe’s decision

China says it “respects Robert Mugabe’s decision to resign, and he is still a good.

Trumps Visit As President At the G20 Summit

Donald Trump met with Vladimir Putin, one of the most anticipated meetings out of the.

US, South Korea Exercise Military Drill After North Korean Threat

On the 4th of July, North Korea successfully launched a ballistic missile that could hit.

President Ends His 41 Day Twitter Tape Question, GOP Healthcare Bill Being Pushed

NEW LONDON — President Donald Trump finally admits in a tweet that there are no tapes.

Trump Slightly Stirs Up Obama Era Cuba Policy

NEW LONDON — President Donald Trump changed The Obama Administration Cuba policy last Friday. The change.

Bannons Back, Trump Tweets About Terrorism

Just weeks ago, Trump said in a Wall Street Journal interview that Steve Bannon was.

British Election Polls say Prime Minister Theresa May is Slacking

With the British Elections happening on Thursday, Theresa May thought it would be easier to.

Pentagon Successfully Takes Down Test Warhead

From Washington: Testing the new missile defense program, the Pentagon held a missile test to see its.

Floods, Landslides & Monsoons hit Sri Lanka

KALUTARA, Sri Lanka – More than 500,000 people have been uprooted from their homes after devastating.

Jared Kushner Will Be the Next Big Thing in The Trump-Russia Probe

If you don’t know who Jared Kushner is by now, let me refresh your memory..