Author: Lennon Manyengawana

Lennon Manyengawana graduated with Honours in Political Science at the University of Zimbabwe. He is a Social Researcher, Political and Economic commentator, and an enterprising entrepreneur.

Zimbabwe’s Political Opposition Is Dying…

Death is not an instant process as most of us would want to describe it.

Administrative Delinquency :Zimbabwean Corruption Story

Corruption is the most popular word in Zimbabwe. Even a juvenile in Zimbabwe can pronounce.

Zanu PF provincial chairman Callistus Ndlovu dies

Veteran politician and Zanu PF Bulawayo Provincial Chairman Professor Callistus D Ndlovu has died.  ZANU-PF.

Zanu Pf youth league in turmoil as it passes vote of no confidence on its present leadership

It is reported that the Youth League has passed a vote of no confidence for.

The curious case of Vice President Chiwega; When the mind makes commitments that the body can’t keep

Muriel Rosin, who was the only member of the Federation Parliament, under the presidency of.

Julius Malema, The New African Big Brother : EFF MANIFESTO

It seems Pan Afrikanism has found a new host after Robert Mugabe , the only.

Zimbabwe is a Pariah State and that is nothing to be proud of; How can we shake off this Pariah status?

When one hears the name Pariah State, they immediately think of the uptown restaurant in.