Zimbabwe’s Political Opposition Is Dying…

Death is not an instant process as most of us would want to describe it but it is a long and winding process that involves, failing health, attempts to regain health, loss of faith, gasping for breath and eventually death. Death is

Administrative Delinquency :Zimbabwean Corruption Story

Corruption is the most popular word in Zimbabwe. Even a juvenile in Zimbabwe can pronounce and spell it very well because no day goes by without the talk of it. According to Transparency Imternational Corruption Perception Index ranks Zimbabwe at 154th out

Zanu PF provincial chairman Callistus Ndlovu dies

Veteran politician and Zanu PF Bulawayo Provincial Chairman Professor Callistus D Ndlovu has died.  ZANU-PF provincial secretary for administration Cde Elifasi Mashaba confirmed Cde Ndlovu’s death. Proffessor Ndlovu died on Wednesday in South Africa where he was receiving treatment. He is expected