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Donald Trump ‘should be removed’: impeachment trial

Lead House impeachment manager Adam Schiff called dramatically for the Senate to remove President Donald.

Trump threatens to hit 52 Iranian targets if Tehran retaliates over Qasem Soleimani death

Washington (AFP) – President Donald Trump warned Saturday that the US is targeting 52 sites.

Poor turnout as Zimbabwe public workers protest wages

Less than 50 Zimbabwe civil servants turned up for a planned protest against hyperinflation on.

US forces withdraw from key base in northern Syria

Syria — US forces withdrew from their largest base in northern Syria on Sunday, a.

Hong Kong holds ‘anti-China’ protest ahead of 70th anniversary

Thousands of Hong Kongers defied police tear gas rounds on Sunday to hold an unsanctioned.

Robert Mugabe to be buried in home village as Zimbabwe government abandons mausoleum plans

Zimbabwe announced on Thursday that ex-president Robert Mugabe would be buried at his home village.

President Donald Trump Source: Associated Press
United States sending more troops to Gulf, Trump announces Iran sanctions

The United States announced Friday that it was sending military reinforcements to the Gulf region.

Facebook teams up with police to stop streaming of terror attacks

Facebook on Tuesday teamed up with the London police as part of an increased effort.

Oil output to be restored by end of September says Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia said on Tuesday its oil output would be back to normal by the.

South Africa apologises to Nigeria after attacks

ABUJA, Nigeria – A South African envoy expressed the country’s “sincerest apologies” to Nigeria on.