Snap, the company that’s behind the very popular image messaging app Snapchat was offered $30.

Marcus Hutchins : NHS cyber-defender charged in US

A British computer whizz who helped stop a world-wide cyber-attack has been arrested in the.

Briton convicted in Germany of Deutsche Telekom cyberattack

A British man has been convicted of carrying out a mercenary cyberattack on Deutsche Telekom.

Power firms alerted on hack attack scenarios

Power firms around the world are being warned about how to spot if they are.

World’s richest man – for less than a day

Jeff Bezos briefly edged ahead of Bill Gates as world’s richest person Amazon founder Jeff.

Uber competitor Grab has raised billions of Dollars from Asian tech giants

South East Asian ride-hailing firm Grab has raised $2.5bn (£1.9bn) in fresh funds, in what.

YouTube announces it will redirect searches for IS videos

YouTube has announced it will redirect people searching for “violent extremist propaganda” and offer them.

Social Media addiction. Take this simple test to spot the warning signs

These days we are surrounded by screens, beeps, clicks, likes and follows. The allure of.

Biggest Bitcoin Exchanges Got Hacked

One of the world’s largest cyber-currency exchanges is under investigation after it acknowledged that one.

Campaign calls for ban on child sex robots

A campaign has called for an outright ban on robots developed for sex. Leading academics in robot ethics.