Apple to spend $1.2 billion on original content for its own streaming service

HOW much money would it take to beat Netflix at its own game? Probably somewhere.

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Google forced to cancel gender memo meeting

Google has cancelled a company-wide “town hall” meeting due to fears of employee harassment. The.

Hackers leak emails showing HBO negotiating with them

Hackers released an email from HBO in which the company expressed willingness to pay them.

Russian hackers accused of spying on hotels guests

Hackers linked to Russian military intelligence were behind a cyber-espionage campaign targeting influential figures from.

Sundar Pichai tells Girls at a Coding Event: ‘There Is a Place For You in This Industry’

After canceling a town hall meeting intended to address the fallout from an anti-diversity memo, Google (GOOGL, -1.72%) CEO.

MUST Read : YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki’s Response to the Controversial Google Anti-Diversity Memo

Yesterday, after reading the news, my daughter asked me a question. “Mom, is it true.

Google Refused to Give Feds Sex Discrimination Data

Google fired the author of a memo it says is sexist, but the company is.

Facebook could be fined billions under new law

Google and Facebook could face fines stretching into billions of pounds if they breach users’.

9-year-old applies for alien-fighting job, NASA responds

A nine-year-old boy received an encouraging response from NASA after he applied for the role.


Snap, the company that’s behind the very popular image messaging app Snapchat was offered $30.