Gunmen attack Iranian military parade killing 8 troops: state media

Gunmen attacked a military parade in the southwestern Iranian city of Ahvaz on Saturday, killing.

United States Fighter Jets Fire Warning Flares to Russian Aircraft over Syria

Two US fighter jets fired warning flares on Wednesday after two Russian jets entered an.

Saudi Arabia finally lift 35-year ban on cinemas

Saudi Arabia on Monday lifted a decades-long ban on cinemas, part of a series of.

Israel says it will ‘lend a hand’ in Egypt’s fight against IS

Israel, according to foreign reports, has assisted Egypt throughout its fight against the Islamic State.

Russia suspected behind cyber-attack on French presidential election

Newly-built 50,000-tonne carrier demonstrates the growing technical sophistication of China’s defence industries. China has launched.

Breaking : United States ‘drops largest ever non-nuclear bomb’ in Afghanistan

The US has dropped the ‘largest ever non-nuclear bomb’ targeting ISIS tunnels in Afghanistan. The.

President Donald Trump will resign ‘soon’

Judiciary Committee drops hint she knows more than she can say ‘right now’ The president.

ames Comey, left, and Michael Rogers, right, await the beginning of a House Intelligence Committee
FBI Director Confirms F.B.I. Investigation of Russian Election Interference, Links to Trump Campaign

After weeks of speculation, FBI Director James Comey testified before Congress that the FBI is investigating.

How Paris has become one of the most dangerous places in the world ?

They will be worried that even more visitors will be scared off from booking Easter.

ISRAEL : If Syria targets our aircraft again, we’ll destroy its air defense

The Israeli defense minister threatened to destroy Syrian air defenses after they shot at Israeli.