Boris Johnson aims to strike US trade deal as first act after becoming PM

Boris Johnson wants to make resetting relations with President Trump one of his first acts.

Heat tops 45C in France as deadly heatwave roasts Europe

The temperature in France surpassed 45 degrees Celsius (113 degrees Fahrenheit) for the first time.

Donald Trump Rally
President Trump in no hurry to sign China deal as trade war escalates

US President Donald Trump on Friday said he was in no hurry to sign a.

The terrorist failed: Prince William gives moving speech on unity to mosque attack families

Britain’s Prince William on Friday visited the two mosques where a gunman last month killed.

Millions pledged to reconstruct Notre-Dame the French cathedral

Millions of Euros had already been pledged to help reconstruct the iconic Notre-Dame, before the.

South Korean envoys visits North Korea for meeting amid stalled denuclearization talks

South Korean envoys arrived in Pyongyang on Wednesday in a bid to help break an.

KNIFE HORROR : ‘Many wounded’ in stabbing on German bus

A KNIFEMAN injured seven people, two seriously, in a terrifying stabbing rampage on a bus.

Boris Johnson’s resignation speech informs Parliament “It’s Not Too Late To Save Brexit”

Thank you Mr Speaker for granting me the opportunity to pay tribute to the men.

Sex Scandal-hit Mauritius official quits Commonwealth post

Mauritius’ head of mission at the Commonwealth Games in Australia has resigned after being accused.

At least five people killed after two army helicopters crash in France

AT LEAST FIVE people have been killed after two army helicopters crashed near a lake.