abbey ntambwe drc
DRC’s Catholic church says ‘register and vote’ as election season looms

Half way through his homily, Father Victor Ntambwe brandished his voter card in front of.

Bobi Wine
Ugandan Police Arrest Over 30 Opposition Supporters at Prayer Rally

KAMPALA, UGANDA – More than 30 opposition supporters were arrested at a prayer rally held.

Arrest Warrant Issued for Former Botswana President Ian Khama

A warrant of arrest has been issued for former President of Botswana, Ian Khama, who.

isabel dos santos
Angola’s Supreme Court orders seizure of $1 billion in assets belonging to Isabel dos Santos

Angola’s Supreme Court has ordered the seizure of assets worth around $1 billion held by.

Boksburg Gas Tanker Driver Acquitted Due to Lack of Evidence
Boksburg Gas Tanker Driver Acquitted Due to Lack of Evidence

BOKSBURG, South Africa – The case against the Boksburg gas tanker driver involved in the.

Boksburg explosion
Police Arrest Driver of Gas Tanker That Exploded in Boksburg

On Saturday, police arrested the driver of the gas tanker that caused an explosion in.

south Africa Gas exposion
Gas tanker explosion in Boksburg, South Africa kills 9, injures dozens

At least nine people were killed and dozens were injured in a gas tanker explosion.

Zambia Abolishes Death Penalty and Criminal Defamation of President”

President Hakainde Hichilema has announced the official abolition of the death penalty and the offense.

Gauteng police arrest over 1,000 wanted suspects in Pretoria West roadblock operation

In a major success for law enforcement in Pretoria, over 1,000 wanted suspects were arrested.

Kenya and South Africa agree on visa-free entry

Kenya and South Africa have agreed to a reciprocal visa-free entry deal which will be.