Australian states reinstate curbs as Omicron cases rise

Sydney – Australia’s two most populous states re-introduced Covid-19 curbs on Thursday as daily infections.

Two people are dead and dozens are injured as Sydney-Melbourne train derails

Two people have been killed after a Sydney to Melbourne express train derailed near the.

Australia’s Prime Minister Denies Being Pressured by Trump Over Probe

Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison denied being pressured by President Donald Trump to help probe.

Zimbawe’s tobacco sales hit new record of 237.1 million kilograms

ZIMBABWE tobacco sales have hit a record 237.1 million kilograms according to official data presented.

Zimbabwe latest: Ignatius Chombo describes dramatic arrest ‘at hands of masked men with AK-47s’

A Zimbabwe former minister Ignatius Chombo said masked men in uniform armed with AK-47s stormed his home and.

Breaking News : Woman shot dead by police after dialling 911 to report assault

An Australian woman was shot and killed by a police officer in the US after.

My Marriage in the Diaspora is a nightmare

WHEN I landed in Perth, Australia back in 2000 with my wife and two young.