President Putin orders Russian military to recruit 137,000 new soldiers amid war with Ukraine

Putin orders Russian army to recruit another 137,000 troops after losing an estimated 75,000 since Ukraine invasion began

President Zelensky
President Zelensky’s Independence Day speech says Ukraine ‘reborn’ after invasion

President Volodymyr Zelensky has told Ukrainians in an emotional speech to mark 31 years of.

Australia lifts international travel ban for first time during Covid-19 pandemic
Australia allows international travel for first time during Covid-19 pandemic

Australia will lift a ban on citizens travelling overseas without permission, the government announced Wednesday,.

Ecuador’s Constitutional Court approves same-sex marriage

Ecuador’s highest court has approved same-sex marriage in a landmark ruling in the small and.

North Korea : Kim Jong Un’s top aide executed

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un’s top aides has disappeared from public life, prompting speculation that.

Donald Trump’s lawyer: ‘Watch your back, bitch’

President Donald Trump’s longtime lawyer Marc Kasowitz, who is representing the Republican in the investigation into.

Teacher, 25, is sentenced to three years for having sex with her student

Former Spanish teacher at Franklin High in Reisterstown has pleaded guilty to three misdemeanors in.

North Korea successfully test a missile that can hit anywhere on Earth

North Korea claims that it has launched its first ever intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM), and.

North Korea promise West will suffer ‘terrible horror’

A fiery editorial in a Pyongyang-based newspaper said an “all-out confrontation” was ongoing but told.

Daughter had sex with her own father to prevent him from remarrying

A teenager tried to prevent her father marrying his fiancée by having sex with him because.