Finally Egypt’s ousted president Hosni Mubarak freed

Hopes raised by revolution lie in ruins after former strongman goes home Former Egyptian president.

How Arab airlines are mocking Donald Trump’s electronics ban

Arab airlines are using witty marketing and satire to respond to the recent US and.

war in syria
President Putin Sent threat Message to Israel That Its Freedom to Act in Syria Is over

Russia has sent a clear message to Israel that the rules of the game have.

WhatsApp calling working in Saudi Arabia

Some WhatsApp users in Saudi Arabia on Wednesday expressed their delight at being able to.

SEAL Team 6 tried second Yemen raid Targeting al Qaeda

S. Navy SEALs attempted a second raid in Yemen a month after the botched January.

Israeli jets continue to bomb multiple targets across Gaza

Israeli warplanes have once again carried out several airstrikes on multiple locations throughout the Gaza.

More than Twenty US strikes target Yemen’s al-Qaeda in one day

Some twenty US airstrikes rained down on al-Qaeda targets in Yemen on Tuesday, the Pentagon.

Russia Stops the Fighting Between Syrian Army, Turkish-Backed Rebels

The Free Syrian Army (FSA) and Syrian government forces clashed in northern Syria near al-Bab.