The Illusion of Closure: A New Approach to Grief and Healing

Introducing “Closure in Grief: The Mythical Finish Line” – a groundbreaking new book by Brill Pongo that challenges the widely-held belief that closure is the ultimate goal of the grieving proces Drawing on his own personal experiences of loss and his extensive

South Africa has a long history of violence. It was used as a tool of power and governance by colonialists to repress and control the indigenous people.

Culture of violence; can Cyril Ramaphosa cure South Africa?

Seeking to suppress the use of violence in South Africa through the threat of direct violence by the state, such as deploying the army to combat the pro-Zuma (so-called-free-Zuma protestors), is not the solution.

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Three of the Best Australians to Ever Play in the Premier League

Through the years, the Premier League has been the division of choice for some of Australia’s most iconic stars. While some graduated through youth academies in West Yorkshire, others were plying their trade in Croatia and Scotland before eventually finding a footballing home in England. So, let’s take a look at three of the best Australians

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Democratic and Human Rights reforms: A tragic trajectory for Mnangagwa’s new dispensation.

This analysis seeks to interrogate manifesting events since the November 2017 change of the presidency and the preceding July 2018 election, the electoral results petitions and the subsequent Constitutional Court ruling. Whereas on 30 July 2018, Zimbabwe held its first harmonized elections following the resignation of Robert Mugabe. The elections offered the country the opportunity

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