Jacob Zuma endorses Dlamini-Zuma for ANC president, avails himself for chairman position

South African former president Jacob Zuma has made himself available to contest in the upcoming.

Zimbabwe embassy on Limpopo MEC’s remarks to patient : ‘You could have been more diplomatic’

The Zimbabwean embassy  in South Africa says it is shocked by the comments made by.

South African workers march in capital against inflation

South African workers on Wednesday demonstrated against the country’s rising cost of living including record-high.

Zimbabweans are abusing SA hospitals; Limpopo health MEC blasts patient

Dr Ramathuba who is a member of the ANC should know better, her government should address these issues with their Zimbabwean counterparts and not take it out on helpless Zimbabwean citizens who are fleeing a crisis in their country.

Paloma Mlunjwana
Paloma Mlunjwana Claps back and corrects the narrative

I had to set the record straight and remind people that behind the glitz and glamour is a hard working educated entrepreneur, and mind you game recognises game.

Booze, drugs and guns a real threat in South African

South Africa is on a dangerous path and these issues must be addressed forthwith.

SA President Ramaphosa: NATO to blame for Russia’s war in Ukraine

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa has blamed NATO for the war in Ukraine and said.

Khanyi Mbau thanks her boyfriend for supporting her acting career

It is perhaps time for Africans to understand the difference between real life and acting..

Former South Africa President Jacob Zuma backs Putin in Ukraine conflict

Former South Africa President Jacob Zuma has backed President Vladimir Putin in the ongoing conflict.

Loloskloset i
Zimbabwean socialite Loloskloset flying high

Zimbabwean socialite Loloskloset is flying high. Paloma Mlunjwana who resides in South Africa is holding.