Catholic priest accused of filming pornography in church

A catholic priest in Italy has been accused of organising orgies and pimping out women..

Can president Mugabe, 93, hang on six more years?

HARARE, Zimbabwe — When Robert Mugabe held his 93rd birthday bash last month, he didn’t serve.

Muslim teenager receives Horrific death threats after she was filmed twerking in hijab

A Muslim teenager believed to be about 17 years has received death threats after a.

Julius Malema Urges (SADC) leaders to gather courage And Tell Mugabe To Go

South Africa’s Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader, Julius Malema has urged the Southern African Development.

Donald Trump’s immigration ambitions extend beyond the wall

In a speech before U.S. lawmakers last week, President Donald Trump identified Canada’s system for.

India Grannies’ School Provides Formal Education for Illiterate Elderly Women

A school in Thane city of India’s western Maharashtra state is giving the illiterate elderly.

EGYPTIAN-born man says: “I am a Muslim and I love you, President Donald Trump”

Elhamy Ibrahim, 62, is a Muslim who does not like very many other Muslims these.

Breaking : Horror Student ‘accidentally cremated while still alive’

A 24-year-old woman from India who was cremated on a funeral pyre may have been.

Donald Trump’s win made Oprah think she could be president, too

President Donald Trump’s victory may be causing the rich and famous to seriously consider running for.

Dubai airport breaks record hosts record 8m passengers in January

Dubai International Airport (DXB) on Wednesday said passengers in January record reached 8 million, 9.7.