Uebert Angel focusing on teaching nothing but the word of God

I have what some may term a love hate relationship with Prophet Uebert Angel many.

Democratic and Human Rights reforms: A tragic trajectory for Mnangagwa’s new dispensation.

This analysis seeks to interrogate manifesting events since the November 2017 change of the presidency.

Zimbabwe is a Pariah State and that is nothing to be proud of; How can we shake off this Pariah status?

When one hears the name Pariah State, they immediately think of the uptown restaurant in.

You Are A Fake Or Uniformed Christian If You Think Politics Is Not Congruent With Scripture

Whenever there is a political crisis or something to do with political disputes, it is.

How a Zimbabwean hospital treated my dying mother

The nationwide shutdown in Zimbabwe earlier this month hit hospitals hard. Nyasha (not his real.

Christians In Zimbabwe Are Misguided Concerning Biblical Submission To Government

It is tragic that most Bible-believing Christians in Zimbabwe are misguided vis-à-vis Biblical submission to.

Dialogue Has Become A Buzzword In Zimbabwe’s Politics. But Can It Really Carry The Burden Of Crisis Resolution?

I would argue that dialogue seems to be more efficient in preventing conflicts, than in.

Can The Church In Zimbabwe Be Trusted? Where Are The Prosperity Prophets Amidst The Crises That Bedevil The Nation?

A lot has happened in Zimbabwe with regards human rights abuses and the main perpetrator.

‘New Zimbabwe’ looks more and more like the ‘old Zimbabwe’

While Zimbabwe was on fire, president Emmerson Mnangagwa was abroad telling the world it was.

It Was Ungodly For President Mnangagwa’s Security Agents To Block Chamisa From Attending Tuku Funeral Celebration

The Zimbabwe opposition MDC President Nelson Chamisa was reportedly blocked from entering the National Sports.