Kenyan government spokesman Cyrus Oguna denies Covid-19 infection

Kenya’s government spokesperson has denied reports that he had been hospitalised for Covid-19. Cyrus Oguna,.

Pro-Poor Social Movement Launches in Zimbabwe

Harare-Expelled Zanu PF national youth political commissar Godfrey Tsenengamu has launched a social movement called.

WHO warns 250m Africans could catch coronavirus in one year

Scientists at the World Health Organization say nearly a quarter of a billion people in.

Zimbabwe civil servants to be paid ‘cushioning allowance’ amid economic crisis

The Zimbabwean government has said it was going to start (as of January 14, 2020).

Tanzania secures $272m for new airport

Tanzania in December 2019 secured a $272 million loan from the African Development Bank (AfDB).

Malawians ready to support Zimbabwe in anti-sanctions march

Malawian citizens residing in Zimbabwe are ready to support Zimbabwe in anti- sanctions demonstrations scheduled.

MDC MPs to lose their allowances

Harare-The Zimbabwean Government is contemplating withdrawal of allowances owed to MDC legislators who walked out.

Administrative Delinquency :Zimbabwean Corruption Story

Corruption is the most popular word in Zimbabwe. Even a juvenile in Zimbabwe can pronounce.

Former Zimbabwe president Robert Mugabe buried in home town

Zimbabwe’s former president Robert Mugabe has been laid to rest in the rural village where.

Robert Mugabe to be buried in home village as Zimbabwe government abandons mausoleum plans

Zimbabwe announced on Thursday that ex-president Robert Mugabe would be buried at his home village.