Theresa May offers MPs vote on second referendum

Speaking in London on Tuesday Theresa May announced details of a plan, which Cabinet agreed support for.

Labour Party leader Corbyn says Brexit talks have gone on too long

The leader of the main British opposition party (Labour) Jeremy Corbyn has said the six.

Breaking: Boris Johnson will run for Tory leadership

Boris Johnson has revealed he will run for leadership of the conservative party when Theresa.

MPs vote to force Theresa May to seek a further Brexit extension

Parliament has approved a bill that effectively rules out a no-deal Brexit by forcing the.

Labour Leader Corbyn says talks with May were “inconclusive”

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has hinted his talks with Theresa May didn’t quite go as.

Speaker casts vote after tie on indicative votes

By 310 votes to 310, the result of the vote on the indicative votes is.

Another Tory Minister Chris Heaton-Harris Resigns over Brexit

Chris Heaton-Harris has become the second minister to resign in protest at Theresa May opening Brexit talks with Jeremy.

Police investigate devices planted on railway lines ‘over Brexit’

Police have launched an investigation after two “malicious” devices were placed on railway tracks in what officers.

Brexit deadlocked again: Parliament fails to find an alternative

Britain was no nearer to resolving the chaos surrounding its departure from the European Union.

Theresa May under pressure to go for soft Brexit

Britain’s exit from the European Union was in disarray after the implosion of Prime Minister.