Theresa May expected to announce departure as British Prime Minister

London – British Prime Minister Theresa May is expected on Friday to announce the date.

Shamima Begum who joined ISIS but wished to return has UK citizenship revoked by government

Bristish teenager Shamima Begum who joined the Islamic State has had her citizenship revoked by.

Jeremy Corbyn puts forward terms for backing UK PM Theresa May on Brexit

British opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn met Prime Minister Theresa May last week and has written.

Theresa May appoint Amber Rudd as work and pensions secretary in return to cabinet

Theresa May has appointed Amber Rudd, the former home secretary, as her new work and.

Syria air strikes: Britain, US, France respond to suspected chemical weapons attack live

The US, US and France have launched “precision strikes” in Syria in response to a suspected chemical.

President Mnangagwa meets UK Minister for Africa
Britain and European Union divided over Zimbabwe funding

SHARP differences have emerged between Britain and its counterparts in the European Union over the.

British Defence Secretary: Britain must ‘step up’ to deal with ‘real danger’ of North Korea

North Korea is on its way to developing missiles capable of striking London, the Defence.

United Kingdom and EU negotiators ‘agree divorce bill’

Britain has offered to pay much of what the European Union was demanding to settle.

Robert Mugabe (93)ruling the Country from hospital bed, says opposition

Robert Mugabe’s third trip to Singapore this year for medical treatment has prompted accusations that.

US president Donald Trump confirms he will come to London

United States Donald Trump has confirmed he will be coming to London as he said he expects the.