You’re on your own if you go after US , China warns North Korea

BEIJING — China won’t come to North Korea’s help if it launches missiles threatening U.S..

China ‘advises its citizens to leave North Korea’ as tensions with United States escalate

China has reportedly told its Chinese citizens living in North Korea to return home, over.

REPORT: United States anti-missile system operational in South Korea

The United States military says its controversial Thaad missile defence system is now operational in.

Chinese Police arrests over 4,200 for personal information fraud in 2016

Chinese police caught over 4,200 suspects for theft of personal information in 2016, with over.

North Korea missile test: regime has ‘disrespected China, and highly respected President’, says Trump

United States and South Korean officials say launch of missile, amid high tensions on the.

South African president Jacob Zuma praises China’s commitment to Africa growth

South African President Jacob Zuma on Tuesday hailed China’s commitment to supporting Africa’s independent growth,.

US Vice President : China Pressure on North Korea Gives Peace a Chance

Denuclearisation of the Korean peninsula can still be achieved peacefully because of Washington’s new engagement.

China Successfully launches its first unmanned cargo spacecraft

China has launched its first cargo spacecraft, making further progress in its goal of establishing.

37 years on, China remains Zimbabwe’s helping hand during difficult times

As Zimbabwe celebrates Independence Day on April 18, China remains the country’s all-weather friend and.

U.S.-North Korea conflict ‘could break out at any moment’, says China

North Korea is reported to be considering a new nuclear missile test despite warnings from.