Ethiopian Airlines crash investigators reach ‘conclusion’ using black box data

Investigators looking into a Boeing 737 MAX crash in Ethiopia that killed 157 people have.

China and Ethiopia ground Boeing 737 Max 8

Ethiopia and China have ordered all of their Boeing 737 Max 8 passenger aircraft to.

U.S. to send teams to assist in Ethiopian Airlines crash

The U.S. National Transportation Safety Board will send four people to assist in the fatal.

What Economic lessons can Zimbabwe draw from Ruwanda and Ethiopia
What Economic lessons can Zimbabwe draw from Ruwanda and Ethiopia

I marvelled at the economic and industrial developments achieved by Ethiopia and Ruwanda in particular.

Zimbabweans question the need for President Mnangagwa’s use of hired plane in these austere times

At a time when Zimbabwe is facing its worst economic crisis post-independence, questions about why.

Ethiopia detains '200 over deadly attacks'
Ethiopia: 200 people have been arrested over deadly attacks

At least 200 people have been arrested by police in connection with the violence over.

Protest hits Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa after 23 killed

Business are shut in the business district of Ethiopia’s capital, Addis Ababa, as crowds protests.

Several Ethiopian opposition politicians jailed for contempt

Four opposition politicians in Ethiopia have been given six-month jail sentences for contempt of court.

Yellow Card Insurance Scheme headache

Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) countries are cracking their heads on how.