British government minister meets Mnangagwa and opposition leaders

HARARE – The United Kingdom’s minister for Africa, held talks with the new president Emmerson.

Grace pleads for legacy, $1-Billion university and protection of family assets

Grace Mugabe has pleaded with Zimbabwe’s new leaders to allow her to keep her farms,.

Meet Zimbabwe’s new first lady

As Zimbabwe celebrates its new president Emmerson Mnangagwa, many have already begun to draw a comparison.

Mugabe boys still partying up a storm in SA

Johannesburg – While their parents were negotiating the future of Zimbabwe, it was business and.

Zimbabwe latest: Ignatius Chombo describes dramatic arrest ‘at hands of masked men with AK-47s’

A Zimbabwe former minister Ignatius Chombo said masked men in uniform armed with AK-47s stormed his home and.

Grace Mugabe’s Sidekick Spills The All the Beans

Ousted Zanu-PF national secretary for administration, Mrs Letina Munamato Undenge, says she was used by.

LEAKED PICTURE : Mugabes watching Emmerson Mnangagwa Inaguration

This leaked picture is said to have been taken from the once mythical and revered.

Robert Mugabe ‘offered to exile wife’

Robert Mugabe offered to send his wife into exile in a foreign country in order.

Young Zimbabweans want jobs

Our corresponded  is inside the Harare stadium hosting Emmerson Mnangagwa’s inauguration as president of Zimbabwe..

LOL. Grace Mugabe’s craziest quotes

Her acidic mouth was both hated and feared by all. She is said to have.