Harare blames Western envoys for unrest as security forces put on alert

According to Zimbabwe home affairs minister Cain Mathema, Western envoys in Zimbabwe are fomenting unrest.

Nelson Chamisa to visit Russia, China to ask help in settling Zimbabwe’s political crisis

Nelson Chamisa, the leader of Zimbabwe’s main opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC), intends to.

Police Claim Nelson Chamisa Attempting to Topple Mnangagwa Using Foreigners

The Zimbabwe Republic Police allege that the opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) led by.

‘MDC Government Will Set Aside Month for Heroes Remembrance’

Nelson Chamisa says it will declare a Heroes and Memorials Month if it is elected.

Chamisa calls on Zimbabwean for a week of prayer

Harare- MDC president Nelson Chamisa has called for the nation to join him for a.

Zimbabwe’s Opposition leader promises mother of all demonstrations

Harare- Opposition leader Nelson Chamisa warned the Mnangagwa Government that Zimbabweans will take to the.

Chamisa visits Cyclone ravaged Manicaland takes aim at Mnangagwa

Chimanimani- Movement for Democratic Change President Nelson Chamisa paid a visit to areas affected by.

Zimbabwe’s MDC Alliance faces a leadership contest. But can it be peaceful?

The Movement for Democratic Change-Alliance, Zimbabwe’s largest opposition party, has announced that it will hold.

Chamisa reads riot act in bid to maintain democracy in MDC

The leader of Movement for Democratic Change, Nelson Chamisa has had to read the riot.

Nelson Chamisa’s date of birth causes trouble

Sometime in 1978 Chamisa was born. That time his date of birth was not significant.