World Health Organization (WHO) launches plan to fast-track vaccine

World leaders have launched a World Health Organization (WHO) initiative to speed up the research,.

Report Focus News: President Emmanuel Macron
French forces kill 33 Islamist militants in Mali

French forces have killed 33 militants in Mali near the border with Mauritania, where a.

France has suffered heavy losses in the fight against militants in the Sahel
France President Emmanuel Macron reviews military operations in Sahel

President of France Emmanuel Macron has launched a review of his country’s military operation against.

France pledges military support to DRC

French President Emmanuel Macron has pledged military support to Democratic Republic of Congo to fight.

Boris Johnson puts his feet up in Emmanuel Macron’s palace

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson may have taken a month to embark on his first.

French President predicts Islamic State group will be defeated by February

French President Emmanuel Macron on Sunday predicted the Islamic State group would be crushed in.