President Donald Trump: Shithole slur ‘not the language used’

Donald Trump has responded to criticism about his alleged use of the word “shithole” to.

Putin thanks Trump by phone for CIA tip on bombings

Russian President Vladimir Putin called President Trump on Sunday to thank him for providing intelligence.

What it really means to say the President Trump campaign ‘colluded’ with Russia

Washington – “Collusion” is the word of the day. “There is NO COLLUSION,” tweets the.

The Supreme Court lifts restrictions on Donald Trump travel ban

The Supreme Court agreed late Tuesday to lift restrictions on President Trump’s travel ban until further notice,.

President Trump’s threat of Venezuela military action could bolster Maduro

U.S. President Donald Trump’s talk of possible military action in Venezuela could be a political.

Vladimir Putin says
President Putin says U.S.-Russia relations are worse since Trump took office

Levels of trust between Moscow and Washington have deteriorated since U.S. President Donald Trump took.

President Trump just banned British tourists from visiting the White House

Looks like British tourists aren’t allowed to visit the White House anymore. Donald Trump had.