Google blocks Huawei from using apps on its phones

Google has blocked Chinese communications company Huawei from using apps on its phones, it is.

British ‘WannaCry hero’ Marcus Hutchins pleads guilty to US hacking charges

British computer expert hailed as a hero for halting the global cyber attack that hit.

United States charges China’s Huawei, top executive with fraud

The United States Justice Department has filed a host of criminal charges against Chinese telecoms.

Facebook faces Irish probe after private photo glitch

Social Network company Facebook has been hit with the broadest data protection investigation yet in Europe.

China Successfully launches its first unmanned cargo spacecraft

China has launched its first cargo spacecraft, making further progress in its goal of establishing.

How Arab airlines are mocking Donald Trump’s electronics ban

Arab airlines are using witty marketing and satire to respond to the recent US and.

Mutuku is accused of electronic fraud but denies any wrongdoing
Man accused of ‘hacking tax agency, stealing $40m’

The Kenyan authorities have charged an Technology expert with hacking into the country’s tax authority.