Turkey Shoots Down Two Syrian Fighter Jets in growing conflict

Turkish fighter jets shot down two Syrian warplanes Turkey and destroyed three Syrian air defense.

US forces withdraw from key base in northern Syria

Syria — US forces withdrew from their largest base in northern Syria on Sunday, a.

Turkey reject accusation of war crimes in Syria

Istanbul – Turkey sharply rejected accusations from Amnesty International of committing war crimes in northern.

Top French Islamic State jihadist believed killed in Syria

 A top French Islamic State jihadist who became notorious after voicing an audio recording claiming.

Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF)
United States-backed Syria force announces final push against IS

Syria – The US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces said Saturday it had begun the “final battle”.

BREAKING: Trump Has Ordered Full Withdrawal of U.S. Troops From Syria

United States President Trump has ordered a rapid withdrawal of all 2,000 United States ground.

North Korea’s Full Statement on Meeting With US President Trump

Here is an official translation of a statement released by the Korean Central News Agency.

French President predicts Islamic State group will be defeated by February

French President Emmanuel Macron on Sunday predicted the Islamic State group would be crushed in.

United States Fighter Jets Fire Warning Flares to Russian Aircraft over Syria

Two US fighter jets fired warning flares on Wednesday after two Russian jets entered an.

Russian President Putin orders beginning of withdrawal from Syria

Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered the partial withdrawal of Russian troops from Syria, during.