Somalia’s intelligence services claim a foreign country plotted deadly terror attack

Somalia’s intelligence services on Monday said they believe a foreign country ‘planned’ Saturday’s deadly bombing.

Anti-immigrant behind New Zealand Terror Attack

An anti immigrant terrorist is believed to have been behind the terrorist attack that has.

LATEST : Egypt’s president condemns mosque attack

Africa : Egyptian president Abdel-Fattah el-Sisi has condemned the extremist attack on a mosque in.

Egypt mosque explosion kills 235 men, women and kids

At least 235 people were killed and dozens wounded when Islamist militants set off a.

Several more Moroccan men arrested over Finland knife attacks

Helsinki – Finnish police said they has arrested four other Moroccan men over their possible.

Former MI5 head : Islamist terror threat ‘will remain for decades’

Islamist terrorism is a “generational problem” that will remain a threat for another 20 or.

‘barbaric’ Nigeria church shooting 11 killed

At least 11 worshippers were shot dead at a church in southeast Nigeria on Sunday,.

Suicide bombing kills 14 people in Nigeria

A suicide bomber killed 14 people in northeast Nigeria, the state emergency agency said on.

At least 8 killed in Nigeria suicide bombing

Maiduguri – Eight people were killed on Monday when a female suicide bomber detonated her.

Police seek ‘others’ over Manchester attack

Police want to speak to the Manchester Arena bomber’s brother and believe “other people” may.