President Donald Trump Source: Associated Press
United States sending more troops to Gulf, Trump announces Iran sanctions

The United States announced Friday that it was sending military reinforcements to the Gulf region.

North Korea fires two unidentified projectiles after offering talks with US

North Korea launched at least two unidentified projectiles towards the sea on Tuesday, South Korea’s.

Taliban says Donald Trump’s decision to cancel Afghan talks will mean more U.S. lives lost

The Taliban on Sunday said U.S. President Donald Trump’s abrupt decision to cancel peace talks.

Robert Mugabe ‘betrayed his people’s hopes’: US

The United States on Friday blamed Robert Mugabe for impoverishing Zimbabwe and said he “betrayed.

Zimbabwe President Mnangagwa Says Relations With U.S. Best in 20 Years

Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa said relations with the U.S., which imposed sanctions in 2003, are.

Another delay for Trump’s Middle East ‘deal of the century’

Washington – The United States will not release the long-delayed political portion of its Israeli-Palestinian.

President Donald Trump suggests using nuclear bombs to stop hurricanes – reports

United president Donald Trump has several times discussed with national security officials the possibility of.

Trump does not want United States to do business with China’s Huawei

US President Donald Trump on Sunday said he did not want the United States to.

Britain and the United States ‘concerned’ about Zimbabwe abductions

Britain and the United States have expressed ‘concern’ about Zimbabwe continuing reports of abductions in.

United States sanctions Zimbabwean official over post-election killings

The United States has placed on its sanctions list a former Zimbabwean army general who.