Chinese President Xi Jinping sends a message of sympathy to Trump following COVID-19 diagnosis

Chinese President Xi Jinping sent a message of sympathy Saturday to U.S. President Donald Trump.

Royal Navy to escort British ships from Iran attack in Strait of Hormuz

The British government has said it will provide a Royal Navy escort for British-flagged ships.

United States accuses Russia of altering North Korea sanctions

UNITED NATIONS – Russia is being accused by the United States on Thursday of pressuring.

US, South Korea Exercise Military Drill After North Korean Threat

On the 4th of July, North Korea successfully launched a ballistic missile that could hit.

President Ends His 41 Day Twitter Tape Question, GOP Healthcare Bill Being Pushed

NEW LONDON — President Donald Trump finally admits in a tweet that there are no tapes.

Tiger Woods arrested and charged with DUI in Florida

Golf star Tiger Woods was arrested on a drink-driving charge in Florida early on Monday.

FRANCE : Emmanuel Macron victory welcomed by World Leaders as Europe breathes sigh of relief

World leaders have congratulated Emmanuel Macron on his convincing win in the French presidential election.

Police arrest man reportedly with knife near UK ministries

British police said on Thursday a man had been arrested and armed officers were seen.

Thousands of Christian mark Easter at Jerusalem site of Jesus’s resurrection

This year’s holiday fell on the same date for both Western and Eastern Christians, an.

United States strike wiped out fifth of Assad air force

WASHINGTON: The US strike on a Syrian air base destroyed a fifth of the Damascus.