Zimbabwe Army Boss confronts Mnangagwa over troop deployments

imbabwe’s armed forces chief is demanding to know who ordered troops last week to break.

Soldiers have been deployed in Zimbabwe’s capital

Soldiers have been deployed in Zimbabwe’s capital, Harare, and sustained gunfire can be heard

Why Zimbabwe’s first elections after the Mugabe ouster are so significant

Gift Mwonzora, Rhodes University The July 30 general election in Zimbabwe is significant because it.

REPORT : Zimbabwe Army on ‘high alert’ as Robert Mugabe allies plan to ‘foment disharmony within the military’

Harare – Zimbabwe’s army has reportedly been placed on high alert following reports that ex-president.

Zimbabwe General Chiwenga Spits Fire, Warns Against More Zanu PF Purges

Zimbabwe’s powerful but often silent top military leadership has weighed in on the shake ups.