We are not in talks with Zanu PF says MDC

Harare-The main opposition MDC has dismissed reports in some circles of the media suggesting they.

Wheat Output in Zimbabwe to Plunge Further on Power Cuts

Zimbabwe’s wheat crop will probably plummet by about two thirds from last season thanks to.

Economic chaos is causing a food security and humanitarian crisis in Zimbabwe

Since Zimbabwe’s land reform of 2000 – when around 8 million hectares of formerly large-scale.

Zimbabweans feel the heat as economy shrinks

Harare-Zimbabweans have called on President Mnangagwa’s government to address the current economic down turn that.

Malawians ready to support Zimbabwe in anti-sanctions march

Malawian citizens residing in Zimbabwe are ready to support Zimbabwe in anti- sanctions demonstrations scheduled.

Zimbabwe to Introduce Zimbabwe Dollar Notes in November

Zimbabwe will put the first notes of its reintroduced currency into circulation in November, said.

Zimbabwe’s government anger over US diamond ban

Zimbabwe’s government has condemned the US’ decision to ban its diamonds from entering the country.

MDC MPs to lose their allowances

Harare-The Zimbabwean Government is contemplating withdrawal of allowances owed to MDC legislators who walked out.

Administrative Delinquency :Zimbabwean Corruption Story

Corruption is the most popular word in Zimbabwe. Even a juvenile in Zimbabwe can pronounce.

Zimbabwe plans electricity tariff increase

Harare- The Zimbabwean Government is mulling an electricity tariff increase despite current load shedding schedules.